initMAX Wiki

Welcome to our Wiki!

Here you will find articles serving as a knowledge base in which we are happy to share with you our knowledge, insights and practical experiences from designs, installations, implementations, performance tuning or solutions to standard and/or unusual situations that we encounter with our customers on daily basis.

Our team members are passionate enthusiasts and experts, but they also have many years of experience in administration of networks, operating systems and application software of all sorts. From providing regular and extended services, through security and the implementation of well-thought-out security solutions, to sophisticated monitoring with additional development directly tailored to specific custom needs, requirements or exact specifications from the customer.

Our experienced lecturers not only regularly participate as speakers at the official Zabbix and PostgreSQL conferences, but we also organize some of these conferences ourselves in close cooperation with these official partners of ours. As the only one in Central Europe, we provide a full range of official, certified Zabbix training, with which we also have the highest – premium – partnership. At the same time, also unique in a Central Europe, we also provide an official training for PostgreSQL with the only globally recognized certifications from the partner company Cybertec.

Below you will find instructions, advices, tips and tricks, not only according to official recommendations for specific products that have proven extremely successful for us in practice, but above all, solutions and recommendations resulting from our own invention, and based directly on practical experience with various implementations at our countless customers.