Zabbix partners days in Riga!

Tomáš Heřmánek
1 min

In May we participated in Zabbix partner days and on that occasion we visited their headquarters in Riga.

An important point of the event was the new features we can look forward to in Zabbix 6.2. We have written these features down for you and will keep them updated in this article.

As we are the only partner that provides certified Zabbix trainings for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we were also interested in the possibilities for our existing customers who would like to continue further training with us and extend their Zabbix knowledge to the next level. This includes primarily upgrade courses regarding the current version of Zabbix. These and all the latest news can be found on our website.

Other important information and news is regularly covered in our webinars, which you can register for via this link.

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