Complex IT infrastructure monitoring

Zabbix, automation, identity & log management, PostgreSQL, DevOps infrastructure form the secure and stable foundation of the most successful companies.

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Expand your monitoring and improve your overall visibility and control

Wazuh (SIEM)

If you manage multiple servers, information about their security status, compliance with established standards, and options for addressing vulnerabilities is essential.

Get an overview of the entire IT infrastructure

Zabbix Monitoring

The most advanced solution for a complete overview of data from different systems. The foundation for business analysis with the ability to customize data visualization. Functional within your own infrastructure or cloud.

Manage PostgreSQL databases from A to Z

DBA – PostgreSQL

We will help you setup, manage, develop and scale the most advanced PostgreSQL databases. Thanks to them, you can get the most out of your data.


DevOps infrastructure

The foundation of corporate IT infrastructure. Using DevOps principles, we can automate processes and set all IT components to maximum performance for faster and more efficient operation of the company.

Manage users from one place

Identity Management

The IPA solution enables identity management (IDM) and automation of access to the right sources from one place. All in compliance with the most stringent cyber security criteria.

Let zhe machines work for you


Ansible is a simple tool for automating all IT components from deployment, installation, configuration all the way to the subsequent software and application management on multiple computers or servers simultaneously.


Honesty, diligence and MAXimum knowledge of our products is our standard.

Tomáš Heřmánek
Tomáš Heřmánek
CEO & Zabbix Certified Trainer
Tomáš Heřmánek podpis


Education is the best path that leads to innovation and competitive advantage. With initMAX training, you will become a specialist in monitoring networks, servers, clouds and IT processes. We will teach you how to manage a PostgreSQL database server, log management using ELK Stack as well as security event analysis and integration of Wazuh security systems. Automation via Ansible. You can earn certification in Zabbix certified courses.

  • database management, log management and identity management training
  • tailor-made training for companies
  • Zabbix certified training courses

Zabbix training and more

We are the only ones in Central Europe to hold the Zabbix Certified Trainer certificate, guaranteeing the highest possible professional level of our courses. Meet our trainers.



For you, we prepare tailored presentations of product news, tutorials with detailed instructions, tips and tricks for setting up key functionalities or examples of common errors and specific configurations.



We provide professional webinars for FREE. You will find out about the latest trends in automation and data handling as well as product news. We focus on Zabbix, DevOps, Ansible and other technologies.

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MAXimum trust is binding. We work every day to be the best partner we can be and that’s what our clients appreciate.

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+ For me a great local ZABBIX partner.
+ initMAX publishes very practical and useful ZABBIX webinars.
+ In relation to the specific requirements of the controls in our implementation, we attended a very beneficial workshop that pushed me a lot. The next step for me will be the ZCS+ZCP certification which initMAX also offers.
+ At initMAX there are very helpful experts on the subject who have no problem to help at any time.

Marek Ryšavý

Perfect Zabbix webinars – in Czech.

Jan Polášek

A company where true professionals work. They have great webinars.

Tom Smolák

Tomáš Heřmánek

Tomáš Heřmánek

CEO & Zabbix Certified Trainer

„We highly value our customers’ feedback and strive to set an example for others and to ensure satisfaction and quality of service delivered to our customers.”