New Zabbix 6.4 is here

Tomáš Heřmánek
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Zabbix 6.4 is here

The new version of Zabbix 6.4 introduces a number of interesting new features.

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New menu layout

The new version introduces an updated menu layout with the following changes:

  • Dashboards got their own separate item
  • There is a new Alerts menu, which brings together everything about alerting, including all types of actions (TriggerActions, ServiceActions, etc.)
  • A new Users menu has also been added containing everything about user management, such as User groups, User roles, Users, API tokens and Authentication
  • The latest addition is the new Data collection menu, which replaces the previous Configuration menu and contains subsections related to data collection configuration.
Data collection

Improved context menus

The context menus for items, hosts and events have been greatly improved.

The host context menu now offers options to switch to a list of items, triggers, discovery rules or web scenarios.

Zabbix server

In the context menu for Item, you can now:

  • view and click on triggers linked to the item
  • create a trigger, dependent item or discovery rule linked to the selected item
  • click on the Latest data of the selected item

And finally, the event context menu now offers the option to:

  • confirm or update the problem
  • view all items used by the problem trigger and go to the configuration of any of them

Automated account creation from LDAP and SAML

The ability to automatically create users has been a long-awaited and desired innovation. Since Zabbix 6.4, it is now possible to manage users and their permissions, including mapping to groups, via AD, LDAP or SAML.


Easier media type configuration for Gmail and Office365

Gmail or Office365 users can now benefit from easier media type configuration. The new Email provider field in the mail media type configuration allows you to select pre-configured options for Gmail and Office 365 (in addition to the “Generic SMTP” option which works the same as before).


If you select O365 or Gmail, only an e-mail address and password are now required. Zabbix will automatically fill in all required settings for these media types with the current/recommended values, i.e. SMTP server, SMTP server port, SMTP password and connection security.


Dynamic background colour for Item Value widget

The Item Value widget now allows you to configure a dynamic background colour based on set thresholds and the last received value.

Item Value widget on Dashboard
Item Value widget configuration

Mandatory old password entry when changing password

When changing password, you will now be required to enter the original password.

SNMP optimization

The part of the SNMP using BULK request has been redesigned. Now Zabbix accesses multiple metrics in the same way as a standard bulk request. This change solves, for example, problems when using proxy and SNMP Discovery, when Zabbix was not able to report all data or when Zabbix displayed the message: “SNMP error: noCreation (That table does not support row creation or that object can not ever be created)”.

New snmp.walk item

Since Zabbix 6.4, there has been a new snmp.walk[] item which returns a multi-line list of values.

For example, snmp.walk[,] will return:

New preprocessing options

In connection with the changes in SNMP, two new, very useful preprocessing options have been added:

  • SNMP walk value – Selects a value by the specified OID/MIB name and applies the selected formatting to it.
  • SNMP walk to JSON – Converts SNMP to JSON format.

New templates

  • AWS RDS instance by HTTP
  • AWS S3 bucket by HTTP
  • Azure by HTTP
  • OPNsense by SNMP

Zabbix download and other useful links

As official partners and big fans of the Zabbix platform, we can provide you with the highest level of service in all areas of Zabbix monitoring. If you are interested in a live demonstration of Zabbix installations at our customers, we will be happy to show you Zabbix in practice.

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