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Become a specialist in monitoring of networks, servers, clouds and IT processes – we will train you in certified Zabbix courses. We will also teach you how to manage a PostgreSQL database server and advanced database troubleshooting.

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Start using Zabbix as efficiently as possible and provide support to other users.

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Certified trainings

Zabbix  Certified Specialist + Professional

Zabbix Certified Specialist + Professional

Zabbix Certified Specialist and Professional courses in a discounted price package.

5 + 3 DAYS
€ 3,350
Excluding VAT

Requirements: Advanced computer literacy, knowledge of operating systems
Virtual course available: Yes
Certification: Yes


Advanced one-day trainings


Upgrade courses

for existing certification holders

Zabbix Certified Specialist Upgrade + Professional Upgrade

Zabbix Certified Specialist Upgrade + Professional Upgrade

This course is designed for previous participants of the Zabbix Certified Specialist + Professional course and focuses on updating your knowledge. All in a discounted package.

€ 850
Excluding VAT

Requirements: Zabbix Certified Specialist 5.0 certificate, Zabbix Certified certificate
Available online: Yes
Certification: Yes



A team of experts who are not only lecturers, but mainly colleagues with extensive experience in implementing Zabbix, PostgreSQL, SIEM and other solutions. The combination of practice and daily monitoring of innovations is the basis for the know-how that we are happy to pass on to you.

Tomáš Heřmánek

Tomáš Heřmánek

CEO & Zabbix Certified Trainer
Tomáš is one of the biggest fans of OpenSource, which includes Zabbix. He specializes in application servers, automation and naturally monitoring. Specifically, over the last ten years, he has been lucky enough to be involved in the implementation of several large-scale projects that have had extremely positive feedback. Tomáš received the highest level of certification from Red Hat (Certified Red Hat Architect) in 2016.
Jakub Zemanek

Jakub Zemanek

Technical Consultant & DBA
Jakub's main interests in the OpenSource world are advanced PostgreSQL configuration and database troubleshooting, followed by automation using Ansible, and last but not least the ELK Stack (LOG Management) and the security product Wazuh (SIEM). As Jakub likes to say about himself: "I'd rather do it best than somehow." This is also why he is constantly educating himself and pushing the boundaries of his capabilities.
Alois Zadražil

Alois Zadražil

Technical Consultant & Lecturer
For many years, Alois has been monitoring on the OpenSource platform Zabbix, which he grew very fond of already in version 1.6. During this time, he has gained a lot of experience and is happy to pass on his knowledge to others. You can often meet him (at least virtually) in our regular webinars. Alois is also interested in Microsoft technologies, especially directory and authentication services.