Zabbix Certified Expert

Zabbix Certified Expert

Design complex and highly efficient Zabbix solutions with a focus on API, HA/DR and DB.

Information about the course

Designed for the product: Zabbix 6.0
Group size: Small groups (up to 5 students)
Type of exam: 120 min, practical
Requirements: Zabbix Certified Professional exam
Previous level: Zabbix Certified Professional Level 3
Course language: Czech
Available online: Yes
Course length: 5 DAYS
Course price: € 3,250 excluding VAT

Course content


  •  Installation: Zabbix updates
  • Installation: Zabbix from sources
  • Administration: Creating SELinux rules for Zabbix
  • Security: Using SSL Certificates
  • Security: Databases, encrypted access
  • Security: Zabbix and HashiCorp Vault
  • Security: Encrypted internal communication


  •  Security: encrypted MySQL DB communication
  • Security: PostgreSQL DB connection
  • Security: Encrypted internal communication using a PSK
  • Security: Encrypted internal communication using a certificate
  • Security: Using custom encryption
  • Data collection: SNMPv3 monitoring
  • Administration: External authentication (LDAP, SAML)


  •  Programming: Zabbix communication protocol
  • Administration: Zabbix database structure
  • Programming: Zabbix API overview
  • Programming: Zabbix API Authentication
  • Programming: Zabbix API methods
  • Programming: Zabbix API outputs
  • Programming: Zabbix API filtering
  • Programming: Zabbix API modules
  • Programming: Zabbix loadable modules
  • Programming: Frontend modules


  •  Administration: Server shutdown and power-on behaviour
  • Administration: Internal data collection
  • Administration: HA, internal setup
  • Administration: Synchronization of internal communication
  • Administration: Internal preprocessing
  • Administration: Internal LLD
  • Administration: VMware internal monitoring
  • Administration: Zabbix “self-monitoring”
  • Administration: Zabbix “tasks”
  • Administration: Event and data preprocessing
  • Administration: Housekeeper
  • Administration: Zabbix proxy communication


  •  Administration: Auto-registration and internal discovery
  • Administration: Network discovery
  • Administration: Advanced IT services configuration
  • Data collection: Saving history to Elasticsearch
  • Overview: What’s new in 6.2
  • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Expert: Exam
  • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Expert: Certification
Tomáš Heřmánek

Tomáš Heřmánek

CEO & Zabbix Certified Trainer
Tomáš is one of the biggest fans of OpenSource, which includes Zabbix. He specializes in application servers, automation and naturally monitoring. Specifically, over the last ten years, he has been lucky enough to be involved in the implementation of several large-scale projects that have had extremely positive feedback. Tomáš received the highest level of certification from Red Hat (Certified Red Hat Architect) in 2016.

Additional information

Previous Zabbix Certified Professional training is required
The course includes advanced practical exercises
Each participant will be provided with a PDF of the presentations and practical exercises for the training


  • Each participant will obtain a certificate of Zabbix 6.0 course completion
  • After successfully passing the exam, you will obtain the Zabbix Expert 6.0 certificate
initMAX - certificate

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