Complex integration and IT infrastructure monitoring. Identity management, including integrations in heterogeneous environments. Automation of server, service and application lifecycle. Central log management and IdM, including cybersecurity systems. From data analysis through consulting and training all the way up to comprehensive tailored solutions.

Expand your monitoring and improve your overall visibility and control

Wazuh (SIEM)

If you manage multiple servers, information about their security status, compliance with established standards, and options for addressing vulnerabilities is essential.

Get an overview of the entire IT infrastructure

Zabbix Monitoring

The most advanced solution for a complete overview of data from different systems. The foundation for business analysis with the ability to customize data visualization. Functional within your own infrastructure or cloud.

Manage PostgreSQL databases from A to Z

DBA – PostgreSQL

We will help you setup, manage, develop and scale the most advanced PostgreSQL databases. Thanks to them, you can get the most out of your data.


DevOps infrastructure

The foundation of corporate IT infrastructure. Using DevOps principles, we can automate processes and set all IT components to maximum performance for faster and more efficient operation of the company.

Manage users from one place

Identity Management

The IPA solution enables identity management (IDM) and automation of access to the right sources from one place. All in compliance with the most stringent cyber security criteria.

Let zhe machines work for you


Ansible is a simple tool for automating all IT components from deployment, installation, configuration all the way to the subsequent software and application management on multiple computers or servers simultaneously.


Not finding what you were looking for?

Are you considering a project focused on identity management, automation or do you simply want to fully explore the possibilities of Zabbix? We are here for you.

Tomáš Heřmánek

Tomáš Heřmánek

CEO & Zabbix Certified Trainer

„Our products and services are primarily based on OpenSource solutions. It is thanks to these solutions that we are able to provide great added value and almost zero operating costs. We strive to be the industry leader with our solutions of choice, but even that is not enough and we go further every time…”

Our certifications and partnerships

We hold official Zabbix Partner certifications and the CEO Tomáš Heřmánek is the first Zabbix Certified Trainer in the Czech Republic. We are also a Wazuh Gold Partner and an OpenSearch Partner. We emphasize MAXimum product knowledge, which we use to achieve 100% results.


Our philosophy

We pride ourselves on honesty, sincerity, knowledge and hard work. We know that this is the only way we can be successful and meet our clients’ expectations as well as our own. The core values that every member of the initMAX team must honour are:


= If we agree on something, it's a deal. Even if it costs us unexpected hard work.


= What has to be done by the deadline will be done. Failing to deliver what was promised is considered our disgrace. We are working to the MAXimum of our capabilities.

MAXimum product knowledge

= We want to be the best in the business and find the limits of the best tools.

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