Zabbix Certified User

Zabbix Certified User

Discover the benefits of Zabbix monitoring and explore its basic functionality.

Information about the course

Designed for the product: Zabbix 7.0
Group size: Group of up to 15 students
Type of exam: 30 min, theoretical
Requirements: None
Next level: Zabbix Certified Specialist (Level 2)
Course language: Czech
Available online: Yes
Course length: 1 DAY
Course price: € 550 excluding VAT

Course content

Day 1

  • What is Zabbix?
  • Zabbix versions
  • Main components of Zabbix
  • Zabbix web interface
  • User profile
  • Setting up simple monitoring
  • Overview of business level monitoring
  • Data visualization
  • Scheduled reports
  • Certification (Exam)
Tomáš Heřmánek

Tomáš Heřmánek

CEO & Zabbix Certified Trainer
Tomáš is a huge fan of OpenSource technologies, including Zabbix. He specializes in application servers, automation, and monitoring. Over the last ten years, he has been involved in several large-scale projects that have received extremely positive feedback. Tomáš holds a unique Zabbix Certified Trainer certificate from Zabbix SIA. Additionally, he enjoys sharing his expertise through training sessions and community events.

Additional information

Each participant will be provided with a PDF of the presentation and practical training exercises.
The course includes practical exercises.


  • Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance of the Zabbix 7.0 course
  • After successfully passing the exam, you will obtain the Zabbix Certified User 7.0 certificate
initMAX - certificate

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