We are a Zabbix Certified Partner and Trainer

Tomáš Heřmánek
1 min

As of today, we are officially a Zabbix Certified Partner and Zabbix Certified Trainer!

We are a Zabbix Certified Partner and Trainer! To reach this level of partnership, we had to demonstrate our expertise in Zabbix monitoring. For us, Zabbix is one of the most effective monitoring platforms we have the opportunity to work with, and this partnership will take us a step further. In addition, thanks to this partnership, we can influence the further development of this platform.

If you would be interested in a live demonstration of Zabbix installations at our customers, we would be happy to invite you to a coffee and show you Zabbix in practice 😊.

For example, you can look forward to:

  • integrating monitoring to DevOps
  • automated monitoring deployment for clients
  • high picture view on critical business infrastructure
  • dynamic graphical representation across the entire infrastructure and business parts
  • notification
  • escalations
  • automation of infrastructure changes, which will help to reduce the complexity of managing your entire infrastructure manually
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