Zabbix Certified Specialist Upgrade

Zabbix Certified Specialist Upgrade

This course is designed for previous participants of the Zabbix Certified Specialist course and focuses on updating your knowledge.

Information about the course

Designed for the product: Zabbix 7.0
Group size: Groups of up to 15 students
Type of exam: 60 min, theoretical
Requirements: Zabbix Certified Specialist 6.0 certificate
Next level: Zabbix Certified Professional Upgrade
Course language: Czech
Available online: Yes
Course length: 6h + 60 min EXAM
Course price: € 650 excluding VAT

Course content


  • Zabbix upgrade process
  • Zabbix components
  • Zabbix server installation
  • Installation of Zabbix web interface
  • Zabbix web interface
  • User profiles
  • TAGs
  • Hosts
  • Interfaces
  • Zabbix Agent
  • Preprocessing
  • Unsupported items
  • Triggers
  • Trigger functions
  • Calculated items
  • Actions and escalation
  • IT Services
  • User roles
  • Import/Export of configurations
  • Audit
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting services
  • Recertification (exam)
Tomáš Heřmánek

Tomáš Heřmánek

CEO & Zabbix Certified Trainer
Tomáš is a huge fan of OpenSource technologies, including Zabbix. He specializes in application servers, automation, and monitoring. Over the last ten years, he has been involved in several large-scale projects that have received extremely positive feedback. Tomáš holds a unique Zabbix Certified Trainer certificate from Zabbix SIA. Additionally, he enjoys sharing his expertise through training sessions and community events.

Additional information

Each participant will be provided with a PDF of the presentations.


After successfully passing the exam, you will obtain the certificate:

  • Zabbix Certified Specialist 7.0
initMAX - certificate

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