Advanced Wazuh Configuration and Management

Advanced Wazuh Configuration and Management

Building on the introductory course, this advanced course is aimed at experienced Wazuh users, IT security professionals, and system administrators looking to deepen their knowledge. Students will learn advanced techniques for fine-tuning Wazuh, including custom rule creation, advanced log analysis, and performance optimization. The course includes practical labs and concludes with an exam.

Information about the course

Designed for the product: Wazuh
Group size: Group of up to 15 students
Type of exam: 1h 30 min, practical
Requirements: attendance certificate - Introduction to Wazuh (initMAX)
Course language: English
Available online: Yes
Course length: 3 DAYS
Course price: € 1,950 excluding VAT

Course content

Day 1

  • Custom rule creation and management
  • Advanced log analysis techniques

Day 2

  • Integrating Wazuh with other security tools
  • Performance tuning and optimization

Day 3

  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Hands-on labs: Custom rule creation, advanced log analysis
  • EXAM
Vojtěch Mejstřík

Vojtěch Mejstřík

Technical Consultant
Our certified Wazuh engineer and systems administrator boasts 23 years of extensive experience, specializing in Unix-based servers and network security. Starting with RHEL2 in 2002, he now creates performance-driven Unix server OS from scratch. With extensive expertise and a "Top Secret" clearance from the Czech NSA, he is dedicated to sharing his valuable knowledge and ensuring top-notch security solutions for our customers.

Additional information

Each participant will be provided with a PDF of the presentations


  • After successfully passing the exam, you will obtain official initMAX certification
initMAX - certificate
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