Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2024

On 4th and 5th of June 2024, the 16th “Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day” annual conference dedicated to the PostgreSQL database will be held on the premises of CVUT FIT, and we of course will be present as usual! And yet again as a golden sponsor of the entire event!

Date of event:
Web conference: Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2024
Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2024



Logical replication (in czech)
Aleš Zelený

PostgreSQL as a vector database
Boriss Mejías (EDB), Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek (EDB)


pgBackRest – backing up PostgreSQL (in czech)
Aleš Zelený

PostgreSQL configuration and basic tuning (in czech)
Tomáš Vondra (EDB)

Conference day


Start of the conference
Tomáš Vondra (CSPUG)

Just don’t do it – Databases in Kubernetes
Jan Karremans (Cybertec)

Enterprise solution in PostgreSQL: effective and flexible access control (in czech)
Jakub Zemanek (initMAX)


Bringing vectors to PostgreSQL with pgvector
Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek (EDB)


BTREE, GIN and BTREE_GIN indices on JSONB data (in czech)
Josef Machytka (NetApp)

Understanding Consistency in PostgreSQL Replication
Boriss Mejías (EDB)

coffee break

Optimization techniques of database queries (from cost based optimization to JIT) (in czech)
Pavel Stěhule

When it all GOes right
Pavlo Golub (Cybertec)

pg_stat_monitoring (in czech)
Aleš Zelený