Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2023

On January 31 and February 1, 2023, the fifteenth annual conference “Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day” dedicated to the PostgreSQL database was held at the premises of the CTU FIT. And because PostgreSQL is our heart, we became a proud gold partner for this year. This year’s program was especially rich in admin experience and practical tips.

Date of event:
Web conference: Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2023



Classroom A: Advanced work with psql and pspg
Pavel Stěhule

Classroom B: Introduction to logical replication
Aleš Zelený, Tomáš Vondra


Classroom A: Tuning parameters using (anglicky / in english)
Luigi Nardi

Classroom B: Reading execution plans
Tomas Vondra

Conference day

Opening of the conference

Tomáš Vondra, CSPUG

The MERGE command
Álvaro Herrera (EDB)

Running Zabbix with PostgreSQL as a backend DB and migration from MySQL – Jakub Zemanek
DBA, initMAX, Czech Republic


What we’ve learned about running a PostgreSQL managed service on Kubernetes
Oleksii Kliukin (Timescale)


Deep dive into Query Performance
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

PostgreSQL – to the core
Vítězslav Kosina (IBA CZ)

Coffe break

Introduction to time series data
Kirk Roybal (Timescale)

Service Discovery and Postgresql High Availability
Aliaksandr Aliashkevich

Failsafe Patroni 3.0
Alexander Kukushkin (Microsoft) & Polina Bungina (Zalando)