We received another certification Wazuh for Security Engineers

Tomáš Heřmánek
1 min

We would like to congratulate our colleague who successfully completed the Wazuh Engineer certification. This achievement is a testament to his capabilities and knowledge in cyber security and Wazuh.

Wazuh is an excellent open-source security platform that enables organizations to identify and respond to various security threats in a timely manner.

Mirek’s success brings significant benefits to both our existing and new customers who can use Wazuh as a service to protect their sensitive data. Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired by our colleague, we can provide our customers with even better services in the field of cyber security.

Mirek, congratulations once again on your success and we are very proud of your contribution to initMAX.

As a Wazuh partner, we are also preparing official training in Czech for you. We will inform you about the next steps.

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