Introduction to PostGIS

Introduction to PostGIS

This course provides an introduction to PostGIS and its most important features and capabilities. From spatial data types to spatial joins, the training will cover all topics concerning quickstart spatial data management and analysis within PostgreSQL. Along with gaining theoretical knowledge, participants will work with real-world datasets to deepen and reinforce their practical skills.

Information about the course

Designed for the product: PostgreSQL
Group size: Group of up to 15 students
Type of exam: 30 min, theoretical
Requirements: advanced knowledge of PostgreSQL
Course language: Czech
Available online: Yes
Course length: 3 DAYS
Course price: € 1,500 excluding VAT

Course content

Day 1

  • Setup and maintenance of PostGIS
  • Tooling (Import, Export, ETL)
  • Storage and management of spatial data
  • Spatial data types and indices
  • Geometry
  • Geography
  • Spatial indexGIST
  • BRIN

Day 2

  • Core functions
    • Output
    • Construction
    • Accessor and setter
    • Measurement functions
    • Composition functions
    • Decomposition functions
    • Simplification functions
  • Topological functions
    • Bounding boxes
    • Equality
    • Relations
    • Spatial joins
  • Special Functions for processing and analysis
    • Spatial aggregation
    • Clipping, splitting, tesselation
    • Segmentation
    • Translation, scaling and rotation

Day 3

  • Import/Export spatial data
  • Validating and fixing spatial data
  • Analyzing spatial data
  • Visualizing spatial data
Jakub Zemanek

Jakub Zemanek

Technical Consultant & DBA
Jakub's main interests in the OpenSource world are advanced PostgreSQL configuration and database troubleshooting, followed by automation using Ansible, and last but not least the ELK Stack (LOG Management) and the security product Wazuh (SIEM). As Jakub likes to say about himself: "I'd rather do it best than somehow." This is also why he is constantly educating himself and pushing the boundaries of his capabilities.

Additional information

Each participant will be provided with a PDF of the presentations


  • After successfully passing the exam, you will obtain official Cybertec certification
initMAX - certificate

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