A comprehensive view of monitoring from A to Z

On 19th of December 2023, the IT conference “A comprehensive view of monitoring from A to Z” organized by Datascript was held. Speakers and experts in the field of IT monitoring were invited to this conference covering topics and complex solutions across the entire field of IT monitoring. And we couldn’t miss it either!

Tomas Hermanek, CEO and founder of initMAX, attended the conference on our behalf. You can download his lecture in PDF format on the very interesting topic “Automation of monitoring, analysis and reporting” in the link below.

Date of event:
Price: 5.900 CZK (+VAT)
Place: IKEM congress centre
Registration and other information: Komplexní pohled na monitoring od A do Z
A comprehensive view of monitoring from A to Z




Real-time monitoring, Scalability of monitoring, Umbrella monitoring

Veros Kaplan, IT Consultant and Lecturer


Automation of monitoring, analysis and reporting

Tomas Hermanek, CEO & Founder of initMAX

PDF (w/o video examples)


Scalability, a comprehensive view of performance, data flow mapping and integration

Ales Komarek, SRE Engineer


Application monitoring, testing and monitoring of application stability, KPIs, SLA

Tomas Zajpt, Consultant

Panel discussion